Lopez Tonight

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GoDaddy.com Commercial that aired during the

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Tabitha on Chocolate News


Tabitha on Chocolate News - Nat Turner Reenactment



Tabitha host birthday party for Brian owner of BENCH WARMER trading cards!

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Tabitha on Comedy Central - Reality Bites Back


Tabitha in the Movie "Lakeview Terrace"


Tabitha in Comcast Commercial


Tabitha in Dodge Hemme Commercial


Tabitha in the Movie "Loaded"


E! 20 Hottest Women of the Web


Tabitha models clothes for Trashy Lingerie on TV Guide Channel


Tabitha on Nip Tuck


Tabitha on Beauty and the Geek Season 3


Tabitha in the Movie "Shut Up and Shoot"


Tabitha in the Movie "Stripper Academy"


Tabitha on the Lingerie Bowl


Tabitha on Ripe TV for Trashy Lingerie


Tabitha on Ripe TV - Puppet Pick-Up

Tabitha's Acting Demo Reel